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A Makar's


Tannahill: Weaver Poet

Makar Inauguration


Makar Mini Movies

1 Daein Ma Box In

2 Inbetween Sherbet Dabs

3 The Keepy Uppy King

4 A History of Jimmy Plonk

5 It's Like When Ye Were Wee

6 Dusting Lilies and the Grumbloid Rap

7 Tig You're Het

8 Bunnets n Bowlers


9 A Breeze of Good Fortune

10 Lockdown in the Park

11Industrial Deafness

12 Drink the Green Fairy

13 Walking Between Worlds

14 Renfrewshire Ramble

15 Christmas Eve Poem: The Fire and the Tree

16 Christmas Day Poem: The Quilt and the Book

17 Boxing Day Poem:
The Ball and the Boots

Tannahill Tutorials

1 Clustering

2 Sketching

3 Writing

4 Tutorial


Poems and Prompts

1 Robert Louis Stevenson

2 Ginger Andrews

3 Robert Tannahill

Erskine Community Garden

1 Burns Taster:
Tam o Shanter

2 Holocaust Memorial Day


1 Lockdown Reading Material

2 Plague Poem

3 Stand Up for Introverts

4 Three Queens