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Stimulus TOPIC / POEM Questions for discussion

  • Who is being spoken to in the poem?

  • Who might be the speaker in the poem?

  • What planets aren't mentioned in the poem?

  • After you've named all the planets, do a drawing, or improvise with drama, or draw a solar map on the board, of where they are in relation to the sun?

  • Some planets are made from rock, and some from gas, which is which?

  • Can you find out any other peculiar or interesting facts about the solar system? (Some are referred to in the poem). Make a class list of them and discuss.

Stimulus TASK examples

Write down your cosmic address. Example:

Bertie McGlumpher
The United Kingdom
Planet Earth
The Solar System
The Milky Way Galaxy
The Universe.

(if you were an inhabitant of another planet what might your address be and what would you be called? A Mercurian? A Plutonian? Or what?)

  • Read Edwin Morgan's - The First Men on Mercury (one, two or a group of pupils, then discuss what language you might speak if you came from another planet). Also possibly consider, what monetary system might you have, maybe draw an alien banknote, draw an alien map of an alien town etc.

  • Imagine you are writing a message to be left for aliens when you arrive on their planet. What would the message be?

  • Write it in Alien language. Example:
    message We come in peace
    Alien language (reverse order of letters then add 'ly') Ewly emocly nily ecaeply.

    Practice writing this code using your own text or made up messages.

  • Write a poem about being one of the planets, or a solar wind, or a comet, or a meteoroid, or a rocket, space-station or whatever. Who would your friends be? What kind of plants would grow on you? What would your weather be like?

  • Try doing this from the point of view of fact then fiction. Which works best for you?

  • I've written about a cosmic postman, what else could you consider? A cosmic pupil, a cosmic nurse, a cosmic lollipop lady, a cosmic bus conductor or whatever?

  • Finish off assignments with drama improvisation, dance, and/or a drawing session.

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The book, Septimus Pitt, is due to be published by Luath Press and launched in Feb. 2007 at the
in the Mitchell library.